6 Turntables, 3 Dj’s, 2 Artists and a Wicked Party at J7 Studios

I had a great time last night at the 3rd Annual Reflection at J7 Studios. They had 6 turntables and 3 Dj’s going with a wicked light show spinning 80’s and 90’s hip hop.


DJ Bumper, DJ HHH, DJ Craig G, DJ Mike P, DJ Mario D Mixing and Scratching with art by Luis Marroquin and Bendan Foster.

Luis Marroquin Painting at J7 Studios

J7 Studios are definitely creating a cool place to experience live music and art on the coast. They also have a local artist mixer every 3rd Monday from 7PM to 10PM. Artists, musicians, comedians, poets are all invited to perform and display or sell your craft or services. Check them out on Instagram as @jsevenstudios and Facebook as J7 Studios and CO-OP.


Big ups to Mark and Josh and the rest of the J7 Studios crew for putting great events. I hope to work with them more in the future.


Enjoy!    -Mark

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