Colorful Glass Magnets To Brighten Up Your Space

Are you sitting in a gray cube? Is your refrigerator dull or just have magnets from the pizza place down the street? How about your locker? Do you need to hold up some paper and have something to meditate on during a short break? All this can be achieved and more with the amazing, hand made, shiny, bubble magnets from Crystaleyezed Fine Arts. I made these myself from my own art so you can achieve your wildest goals and dreams. Hold up your list of things to do or just space out for 5 minutes to regain your sanity! All in one magic little magnet but that’s not all! Order now and you get not 1 but 2 of these beautiful and useful creations for a small price of $5! (Plus shipping and handling. Not responsible for content of images or language of text held up by these magnets. Triple the shipping cost if located on other planets. Moon shipments have been delayed due to reduced funding of NASA. Magnets stick best to ferromagnetic materials. For more information on magnetic forces an addition fee can be discussed.)

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We have also have 8×10 and 5×7 prints available for some of the more popular images.
Crystalized Fine Arts Etsy Store Update

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