Craft Sale, 18 Inning Giants Game And King Crimson On A Busy Birthday Weekend

Purple Flower 141002 by Darcy Rowley IMG_0004
Purple Flower 141002 by Darcy Rowley

This weekend was my birthday and there was lots to do. To start it off I had the Oceana Art Gallery Craft Sale from 1-5 on Saturday. I met a lot of people and made some good connections. I’m just starting to work with some of the art collectives in Pacifica and finding there is a lot to do.

Crystaleyezed Sale Table IMG_2973
Crystaleyezed Fine Arts table at the Oceana Art Gallery Craft Sale on Saturday, October 4, 2014
Oceana Art Gallery

During the sale the Giants game started up at 2:30PM. We were listening in the background at the sale then still once I got home, then it went into extra innings and we listened all the way to and inside the King Crimson show until the band started at 8:20PM! We didn’t get the score until after the show and found out it was an 18 inning game! That was pretty crazy but I’m glad the Giants won.

King Crimson at the Warfield was amazing. They had 3 drummers and Mel Collins back on sax so they were able to perform things I don’t think I have ever seen them play. They played songs from In the Court of the Crimson King, In the Wake of Poseidon, Islands, Lark’s Tongues in Aspic, Starless and Bible Black and Red! Of course they played some newer stuff too but the old stuff is where they really shined. I didn’t think I would ever hear some of those songs live and it was awesome. One of the drummers and Robert Fripp both filled in on keyboard duties so they had just enough people to really play those songs to their fullest. Very well done and I would definitely go see it again if they were still touring.

Sunday was a foggy day in Pacifica but sunny down the rest of the peninsula so we headed down to Menlo Park to check out the Full Circle Creative Arts booth at the Menlo Park Sidewalk Fine Arts and Crafts Fall Fest. Brandi was nice enough to display some magnets from Crystaleyezed Fine Arts. It was a really nice setup with tons of amazing artists. Then back to Pacifica and into the fog.

Pacifica Fog by Mark Bray IMG 2985
Pacifica Fog October 5, 2014 by Mark Bray

Darcy and I both turned in paintings to be displayed at the Art Guild of Pacifica 56th Annual Members Exhibition. It will be at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica October 17 – November 16 2014. When I dropped of our painting there were already over 50 in the show. I expect there will be a lot more and should be a really diverse show.
Art Guild of Pacifica
Art Guild of Pacifica 56th Annual Members Exhibition

There is also a possibility of Darcy showing in January and I may have a show in March of 2015. More on that when I get some confirmed information but it would be really cool.

Here are a few colorful pics I made to get your Monday started.
Blue Kaleidoscope 141004 by Mark Bray IMG_0534
Blue Kaleidoscope 141004 by Mark Bray

Pink Kaleidoscope 1141004 by Mark Bray IMG_0533
Pink Kaleidoscope 1141004 by Mark Bray

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