Crystaleyezed representing at ODDVILLE! 2015 with the Create! Art Collective

This Friday I will be representing the Create! Art Collective at a super special event called ODDVILLE!, put on by Ezra Croft in Oakland at American Steel. Here is a write up about it I took from their post.



Oddville! A show all about bizarre art and photography. We have amassed a huge amount of crazy exhibits, weirdos, bands, vikings, dj’s, bizarro burlesque belles, and much more for your visual and interactive stimulation. We are also giving a LOT of artists a platform to show their work to large audience! By attending, you are helping the endangered Bay Area arts scene to thrive!! Come out, bring a friend, get a beer, see some art and act like freak. You might even make a some new pals. (This is also a TINDER event- if you’re into that kind of thing..).
We are also featuring some awesome beer from some exceptional bay area brewers- DRAKES BREWERY of San Leandro and More to come!
We think this is going to be a great art event and will dish out some super fun and strange awesomeness. We hope you’ll join us.