Darcy Rowley Captures Heavy Surf In Pacifica

The new show at the Quarry Cove Art Gallery is a group show called Waves and Darcy Rowley really brings the Heavy Surf! The group show by the Pacifica Art Connection really captures the feeling of the ocean in Pacifica this winter. Darcy has four pieces of art in this show.

The Jetty is a 12″x12″ oil pastel on board and is obviously inspired by our many trips down the coast and hanging out by the Princeton Jetty. We have tried surfing down the beach from this section in the smaller waves. Its always a great spot to watch the more advanced surfers catch some nice waves and skaters across the street at the skate ramp.



Darcy_Rowley_Art - 2
The Jetty by Darcy Rowley

This 10″x10″ oil pastel on board was inspired by the Mavericks surfing competition that was going on during the time Darcy was painting this picture. The wave is so thick and powerful it is a major influence on everyone living Coastside.

Darcy_Rowley_Art - 3
Mavericks by Darcy Rowley

Along with painting, Darcy is showcasing her photography and has been showing prints on canvas and metal.
This photo captures the Farallon Islands in the distance off the coast of the Pacifica Pier with a little sailboat floating along. The waves are rippling in and has a minimalist feel to it. This is an 18″x24″ photo on canvas.

Darcy_Rowley_Art - 1
Farallon Islands and Sailboat by Darcy Rowley


This dramatic photo really captures how the ocean has looked this year. Constant waves and turmoil, making it look like the whole ocean has been shaken up. This is an 11″x14″ print on metal.

Darcy_Rowley_Heavy Surf
Heavy Surf by Darcy Rowley


Stop by the Quarry Cove Art Gallery in Pacifica, CA to see these pieces by Darcy Rowley, along with lots of other amazing art by the rest of the crew from the Pacifica Art Connection.

The Quarry Cove Art Gallery is located at 225 Rockaway Beach Avenue, next to Avani Salon and the Chamber of Commerce in Pacifica, CA. Open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Enjoy!    -Mark

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