Finding Some Calm And Focus

It’s a busy time of year and many of us have troubles finding some calm and focus. I’ve been working on a solution to that and have created a new design called Calm Focus to bring just that to our lives. 

This is another design from the Crystaleyezed Fine Arts “Cosmic Archeology” line. 

Here are some pics of me printing the shirts.

They Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirts with high quality Jacquard Professional Water Based Ink.

You can get the new shirts at the Crystaleyezed Store.

Shipping in Free in the domestic US.

If you like what I’m doing leave a comment. I’m always making new shirt designs, magnets and stickers.


Mark Bray
Artist, Musician, Cosmic Archeologist
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You can get the latest screen printed t-shirts from Crystaleyezed Fine Arts here at the web store.

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