Fuchsia Fields – Devil’s Slide Single

The latest single from Fuchsia Fields captures the Northern California coastal dichotomy: sun and fog, hide and low tide, fun and danger, waves and undertow, as though it were musical tide pool comprised of all the elements that both delight and terrify the soul. You know, those pleasures in life that have a hidden dark side, and just possibly, that dark side is subconsciously what makes them appealing to begin with.

“Devil’s Slide” fuses elements of west coast surf rock played in wide open spaces with insistent guitars, thudding bass that could as easily be the sound of waves pounding the coastline, and attitude laced high-end vocals mixed with silky low-end vocals, as though a siren’s song were drifting through the heavy fog, warning of the approaching danger while secretly luring you in. There is no doubt this track will leave you wanting ever more of Fuchsia Fields.


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