Mark Bray Teaches Screen Printing Class


Last Saturday Mark Bray taught a screen printing class to some local artists in the studio of Charlotte Seekamp a the Sanchez Art Studio in Pacifica, CA.


Charlotte opened up her studio to Mark and some other artists to demonstrate how to coat a screen with photosensitive emulsion, expose it and make some prints.

img_2507 img_2508

Everyone got their hands dirty coating some screens and making prints.

img_2509 img_2510 img_2511

Its a fun process that I encourage anyone to try.

img_2512 img_2513 img_2514

My preferred inks and emulsion are made by Jacquard and can be purchased at Flax in San Mateo along with many other art supply stores.

img_2516 img_2517

Here is a link to the photo emulsion and inks. There are instructions on the site.


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