Me And My Inferno: Mark Bray With New Painting

It’s been cool and rainy this weekend and I’ve been piling up the blankets to keep warm. One thing I used to do when I was a kid on those cold snowy days outside was to sit and pretend I was warming my hands by a fire. Mmmmmmmm, I can feel the warmth already.

Yesterday I grabbed a 10″x10″ board to paint My Inferno. Here are some pics of it as I was painting it.
I’ll be putting it for sale in the Crystaleyezed Fine Arts Store.
Mark_Bray_with_painting_160321 - 1

My_Inferno_by_Mark_Bray - 1 My_Inferno_by_Mark_Bray - 2 My_Inferno_by_Mark_Bray - 3 My_Inferno_by_Mark_Bray - 4 My_Inferno_by_Mark_Bray - 5 My_Inferno_by_Mark_Bray - 6 My_Inferno_by_Mark_Bray - 7 My_Inferno_by_Mark_Bray - 8 Version 2

Enjoy!    -Mark

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