My Favorite Artwork At Quarry Cove Art Gallery

The latest show at the Quarry Cove Art Gallery in Pacifica, CA is themed “My Favorite Artwork”, featuring 35 works of art by painters, photographers, sculptors and glass workers.


This is a unique collection of art pulled from the favorite works of the members of the Pacifica Art Connection. Each artist was also asked to write a sentence or two on why it is one of their favorite pieces of art. This is a good opportunity to get a glimpse inside the head of the artist.


Darcy and I have been part of this group of local Pacifica artists for about a year now and have presented us with some great opportunities. They put on group shows along with shows featuring just a couple artists. I had the opportunity to do a show with sculptor Vince Ayala last year It was one of my first shows of that size and a great lesson in learning how much art it takes to fill walls. Last year Darcy was also asked to do a photo show in the Chamber of Commerce.

Here is some of Darcy and my favorite art we created over the last year or so that was somehow still on our walls. They are for sale at the Quarry Cove Art Gallery and from the Crystaleyezed Fine Arts Store.

Love Is Like Flowers by Darcy Rowley
Sea Stack Sunset by Darcy Rowley
Sunset At Pedro Point by Darcy Rowley
Swirling Sky by Mark Bray
Symmetry In Space by Mark Bray
Synapse by Mark Bray
Wriggling Chromaticity by Mark Bray

The Quarry Cove Art Gallery is located at 225 Rockaway Beach Avenue, next to Avani Salon and the Chamber of Commerce in Pacifica, CA. Open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Enjoy!    -Mark

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