New Shows at the Sanchez Art Center

I had a good time at the opening for the three new art shows at the Sanchez Art Center this Friday. The show I am in is for the Art Guild of Pacifica. I have a black acrylic on wood piece that I painted with a Japanese Calligraphy brush.

The Sanchez Art Center is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-5.
Shows at Sanchez Art Center July 2015

Here are some pics from the Art Guild of Pacifica show “Less Is More”.

My painting is the tiny one on the left.IMG_6756

A really nice oil painting by Linda Salter on the right. I couldn’t quite make out the name on the one on the left. I’ll have to stop back in the show and make more notes later.IMG_6757


This is part of the show in the Main Gallery by Igor Josifov.


He had a video as part of the display and pieces hanging from the ceiling.IMG_6760




More from the Art Guild of Pacifica show “Less Is More”
It was good to talk to Jan Hanway. Her latest watercolor painting turned out really good.IMG_6742


Darcy Rowley’s photo really looked great with the nice lighting. The blue ocean is super peaceful to just stare off at. It was good to have a complimentary painting of a boat that is really amazing.IMG_6743


Her are a couple pictures from the Sanchez Gallery Artists show.IMG_6748


Lots of great art so make sure you get down here to Pacifica to check it out!

I will be at the there August 1 from 3-5 if you want to stop by and chat.

If you are interested in showing your art you can join the Art Guild of Pacifica and take part in the member shows, go to the artist gatherings and take advantage of support and knowledge from lots of really nice people.