November 2015 Solo Art Show By Mark Bray In San Francisco

I lived in San Francisco on Haight Street for 5 years and got plenty of art and music up and around the area but for some reason never did any shows. Well now that I live in Pacifica I guess it is time to come back to the city. I recently set up at the Sunset Mercantile in San Francisco with the Create! Art Collective and found that to be quite a lot of fun. Next up  will be a solo show at the The Reading Clinic in West Portal. It’s exciting to show in a city where so many of my influences began like Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse, Juxtapoz Magazine and where many contemporary artists I highly respect have shows like Skinner, Alex Pardee and Doze Green.

New Canvas

In this series of paintings I experiment with colorful swirling backgrounds with bold graphic black shapes and suggested writing. The colors often draw in the viewer as they try to decipher the ancient coding in the abstract text and glyphs. This series of painting will be created during the month of October for display at The Reading Clinic. I’m hoping the imagery will inspire the imagination and give room for abstract thought when taking breaks from reading.

IMG_8155 copy

The show will be on display from at The Reading Clinic in West Portal, San Francisco from November 1 to December 5. We will be hosting a special reception for the show Sunday, November 8 from noon to 1-3 with music and snacks.



Now for the fun part! I have new paint and canvas and am ready to try out some new techniques.


IMG_8229 IMG_8230


This will be my first time mixing Liquitex Pouring Medium with Golden Fluid Acrylic paints. Then I will be painting on top of that with Montana Markers filled with Golden High Flow Acrylic paint and Golden Fluid Acrylic with Japanese Calligraphy brush and pin striping brushes. I’m still debating on using a glossing varnish or just a simple satin spray. The gloss can really make it a pain to photograph the work but it can really look and feel cool.


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Sunday, November 8

The Reading Clinic
231 West Portal Avenue, San Francisco

Open 11am-7pm Monday – Friday