Pacifica Art Connection presents “Juxtaposition”: 38 works of art by Elizabeth Agler, Victor Carmichael and Mark Bray

Quarry Cove Art Gallery in Pacifica: “Juxtaposition” Exhibit a “Must See”
by Cindy Chan

Pacifica Art Connection proudly presents “Juxtaposition,” a striking exhibit that surprises with contrasts that accentuate each artist’s unique style and sensibilities. This collection of 38 works of art features Elizabeth Agler’s whimsical ceramics and mosaics, Victor Carmichael’s realism and graphics in painting, and Mark Bray’s abstract vision expressed in bold colors and sweeping brush strokes.

Through her joyful use of clay, wood, and glass, Elizabeth Agler creates whimsical sculptures and mosaics that would be at home in a gallery, garden, or living room. She is inspired by people and places close to her heart. In the mosaic “Emmy Dreaming,” Agler portrays her daughter Emily in profile with a cascade of hair embellished with ornaments representing Emily’s dreams and likes. The ceramic sculpture “Flower Finial” embodies Agler’s love of nature and her garden. Her 16 art pieces adorn the sculpture bay at the front of the gallery.


In contrast, Victor Carmichael creates art that is a reflection on the historical moment. He exhibits two very different painting styles: one realistic and representational, the other symbolic and dooddlesque in nature. In “Stairway to Nowhere,” Carmichael depicts the old Dollar Radio station, a local landmark, off the Northern Dunes near Palmetto Avenue. His work captures the intricate detail of the ravine adjacent to the building and the effects of erosion brought on by successive El Ninos, routine winter storms, and the sea level rise which it now faces. In a departure from representational art, Carmichael characterizes his painting “The Engine” as an “elaborate doodlesque cartoon” which illustrates his view of the now fully new globalized capitalist mode of production.

In juxtaposition to the freshness of Agler’s mosaics and sculptures and the realism of Carmichael’s paintings are the abstract paintings of Mark Bray. His dynamic collection of 14 paintings titled “Other Worlds Than These” are vibrant acts of color and movement which engage the imagination and open the mind. His process involved placing 14 canvases on his studio floor and painting them as one mural. Each unique canvas, displayed as a stand alone, is an explosion of energy — a multilayered collage of color, pattern, and detail. Bray is a risk-taker whose unique artistic style draws upon his background as a musician and is inspired by traditional Japanese calligraphy technique and block pattern printing. Each painting stands out in its own right, though “Universal Wave” and “Orbital Resonances” may be among viewers’ favorites.


The exhibit “Juxtaposition” is a study of contrasts and a celebration of the diversity in art. You are invited to attend a reception with the artists to be held on Saturday, June 4 from 2–4 pm. This exhibit will close on Saturday, June 25. The Quarry Cove Art Gallery is located at 225 Rockaway Beach Avenue, adjacent the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce and next to Avani Salon. The Gallery is open Monday through Saturday, 10 am — 5 pm.