Tiki and Twisted Swirls in New Sketchbook for the New Year

I’ve been filling up sketchbooks for the last few years and it is time to start a new one for 2016. I picked up some fancy little Fabriano sketchbooks from Italy. Can you believe this company has been around since 1264? I’m using my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on it right now.

Darcy and I started the year by taking a nice drive down to Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful day with nice big waves being blown back by a nice breeze. We stopped in at Darcy’s favorite spot, Hula’s Island Grill, for lunch and this is where I drew my first sketch of the year.

This was obviously inspired by all the little tiki lamps they had on each table. I love the decor there with the surf movies and black velvet paintings.


After that I got back to doing some abstract doodles.


I’ve continued with more abstract patterns for the next few days. These doodles are essential for ideas for larger paintings. Some of them end up getting digitally turned into kaleidoscope type images. Then when I do larger paintings I will use these designs as inspiration to paint mandala type shapes on canvas like the show I did for Galleria at the end of the year at the Sanchez Art Center. Check the Crystaleyezed Fine Arts Store later this week for some of these paintings to be posted.


Do you use sketchbooks? Message me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with one¬†of your best drawings. I’ll pick a few fan drawings to feature in later posts.


Keep on drawing!

Mark Bray
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