Waves In Four Colors, But Not Ocean Waves

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 1 (1)
Sawtooth Wave by Mark Bray

I recently painted waves in four colors, but not ocean waves. It was for a show at the Quarry Cove Art Gallery called waves. The show is put on by the Pacifica Art Connection and as you can imagine there are a lot of beautiful photos and paintings of ocean waves but a few of us took a left turn.

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 2 (1)
Sine Wave by Mark Bray
Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 3 (1)
Triangle Wave by Mark Bray
Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 4 (1)
Square Wave by Mark Bray

My series of four paintings is based on wave forms for creating music. Sine, Square, Triangle and Sawtooth in orange, green, pink and blue. Here are some shots of me working on them and the final paintings. They will be on display at the Quarry Cove Art Gallery in Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, CA for the next month. You can also purchase them in the Crystaleyezed Fine Arts online store.

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 7

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 8

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 1

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 2

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 3

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 4

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 5

Wave_Series_By_Mark_Bray_March_2016 - 6

The paintings are all 12″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas.

I have been using Posca paint pens and really enjoying them. They have really nice acrylic paint in them and if they run out I put in Golden High Flow Acrylic which is even better.

Enjoy!    -Mark

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