What Everyone Ought To Know About J7 Studios

I have been working with a great group of artists and musicians down in Moss Beach. What everyone ought to know about J7 Studios is that every third Monday we meet up for an open mic / art sharing event call The Platform. The Platform at J7 Studios is your opportunity to show off what you have been working on. Art, music, comedy, whatever you want to do. Come support your local community and check out some of the great talent that has been gathering at these monthly events.

The next event will be August 15 from 7-10pm.

J7 Studios
850 Airport Rd. Ste. 10
Moss Beach, CA 94038



I’ll see  you next Monday with a few of my smaller things like magnets, buttons and stickers. Plus I’m hoping to get a video and some new music together to play on the big projector.


Mark Bray
Artist, Musician, Inner Space Traveler
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