Zentropia is back! Live on Thursdays from 7-9PST on interFACE Pirate Radio

I’m not sure for how long now, but Zentropia has been spinning tunes on interFACE Pirate Radio for a number of years and recently have been on a bit of a break. Now we are back.┬áLive on Thursdays from 7-9PST on interFACE Pirate Radio.

interFACE started back in the 90’s as a terrestrial pirate radio station in London but when the internet came along they switched to streaming and made quite a name for themselves with loads of DJs spinning around the clock, live with audio and video on a Real streaming platform. The world has since moved on and now that sort of streaming is kind of the norm but you can still find a good collection of excellent DJs keeping the tunes flowing.

Zentropia has been an evolving project over the years and we ( Darcy Rowley and Mark Bray) are thinking about dusting off the old recording machine and laying some new track. In the mean time I’m going to spin some old Zentropia favorites from our many albums along with some of my solo experimentations on guitar (as Mark Bray) and electronics ( as BlackZen ). Once I get things all hooked up again I’ll start getting some nice visuals flowing of my new art creations.

Soooooooo, stay tune and check out interFACE Pirate Radio and if no one is live at the time you can listen to archives of some great DJs.

interFACE Pirate Radio at http://pirate-radio.org


Screen shot of the Zentropia banner flashing by the chat room on interFACE Pirate Radio. http://pirate-radio.org This banner could use some updating. Watch out for a new one soon!


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