Zentropia VCMV: Phase 1 Video

Here is the first video for the new Zentropia EP Visions Clouding My Visions. This is Phase 1.


Visions Clouding My Vision by Zentropia was created as one track or a “Complete Mission”. For your convenience it has been been broken up into 7 phases that can be explored on their own or together. Be prepared for soul shifting base tones. You may want to start with a low volume and build up as your tolerance level increases. Ultimately once at full volume and bass response of this recording should shake the plaster from the walls.

You can get Visions Clouding My Vision from Zentropia now at our online Bandcamp store.

I painted the cover art with markers on paper.

Watch for videos for each track to release all week.

If you like what I’m doing let me know. I’m always making new shirt designs, magnets and stickers.


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